Thursday, July 1, 2010

$Dishonesty Is Ravaging!

So today was a very repulsive day of my entire life..In other words not the best day for me
So i found out from a friend that Syifa and her dearest bestie Rasheeda were actually talkin thrash behind my back..
When i heard their names being mentioned i was a little caught off guard..
I wasn't feelin sad or offended but i reckon somehow that this might've happen if u have a two-timing backstabber slash big momma as ur classmate..
BTW to SYIFA and RASHEEDA dont be
suprised with ur names being popped up in this post..
Just so you know both of ya are the ones at
fault due to ur peculiar interest of sharin stories regardin urs truly and also for sayin that im actin sort of like a 'sissy'..
Newsflash..ADE AKU KISAH!Anyway take a good look at urself in the
Be sure to buy an enormous crystal-clear mirror since u urself are a hefty girl..
Rasheeda i hardly know you and why would do such a thing..
Don cha have dignity or morallity left under those tramp-ish,vain conceited look..Repent girls..
I couldn't be bothered with what have y'all been up to but
one thing that really annoyes me is ur sincerity of being a friend is disputable..
If u guys really resent me than say it to my face instead of fakin ur insipid hipocriptical act whenever im
I'll never forgive y'all no worries on that..
U guys are most likely similar to contagious plague that ravage humanity within and eradicate civilization with a single strike..
Thats what u are to me

P.S Once ya mess with me there's no turnin back
I'll give it 3 times fold worst..

If ur readin this and get offended thats exactly what it has been intended for


  1. Dear....

    I think July is the month that those so call 'close fren'... talked bad about us... let it be.. we cant stop these jerks..... so we are our priority in life not an option like them... so just ignore!!!

  2. I cant see why i couldn't agree with ya..Thx for the advice kak jun