Monday, July 26, 2010

*Over The Hedge*

This week is full of suprises and gonna be a hectic week for me for once..
After so long without any active particular involvement especially in Coco i've decided to
make a little adjustment.
Like this wednesday i'll be havin my patriotic singing competition and
im setting my eyes on the prize which i have no idea what it would be.
Still it drives me to push
myself even further and give it my very best to win this thing also to just have a good time.Plus
the next day after the whole singing contest imma be havin a bowling lessons at Klang Parade.
I bet Dayah,Zura and Amelia are going too.I think so..

Moreover Syifa literally ambushed me this morning as i was puttin my backpack and stuffs down, she just came up to me willy-nilly and interrogated me like in one of those CSI or Criminal Minds episodes.Astounded by her vulgarity i firmly asked her to have this integral negotiation
when there are only the two of us like i dont want any intervention from any parties
As i foresee it she'd rather to keep up the charades than to have like a heart to heart negotiation.
That is something you could expect from someone like her..
People with agendas frequently flake out on an honest and truthful confrontation
Its usually because they have a guilt conscience to hide and they are scared that people around them might see their true color.What a shame(sigh)

Test is comin full speed ahead this upcomin August and i havent done any preparation or whatsoever fundamental steps for this test.Im goin to step up my game and ace it like nobody can.That my friend is my own personal profound resolution during August and fingers crossed that it may lasts up untill the end of August.Please Allah make it all happen with non-turbelence existence susceptible to my spirit and resolution

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