Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bring The Boys Out

Salam and a very peaceful evening i bid to my fellow angels and satans..
Its been yonks since i last been here,so so sorry for not blogging much these days,well i got plenty of important stuffs to attend to right,cant just kick back and sit around all day..
Well for those of ya who actually and genuinely cared to know of my routine ya could always follow me at my twithandle since im more active there than i am here and facebook,its @DuchessGlams and i'll follow y'all back

Well a lot has happened in my life currently as such i've just completed my short semester and now am on a 3 weeks holiday break before im entering my 3rd semester,i must say it didnt take a toll on me which was quite apart from my 2nd semester..
I cant believe im just a semester away from goin for my industrial training which will take place early next year and heck yes im excited as hell over it!

I really dont have anythin to write about oohh before it slips my mind do support my Youtube channel,search for Haiccal and ya will see some of my singing clips..
I guess pretty much thats all the time we have,till next time