Saturday, July 31, 2010

$Acting Saved My Life Workshop$

I really had the most fabulous yet gruelling time at Acting Saved My Life Workshop
I learned so many new things that i actually had no idea of what were those stuffs about before
And now i knew a thing or two on acting values and indirectly i have the power to apply it
not just on my actin career but as well as in my daily basis
Ashraf Sinclair was the speaker of the day and dangg he's really good at puttin those lines together
and attract people..
We did all sorts of activities such as repetition,sub-text,the tools of an actor,the big why?etc..
The workshop started at 10 am and ended at 5..
I had my luch hour in the VIP lounge..
How classy was that..
Sazzy and Aishah were two of the most warmth full people i've ever met in my entire life
The facilitators were ok cuz some of the facis they were shy or probably they are more reserved
i think..?
BTW i met that guy who once played a role in KAMI alongside liyana jasmay,his name is Zahiril Adzim but they called him Bob which i have no idea of the corrolation with his real name
As far as i can tell he's a brilliant actor..

What i love meetin all of these people is that they are very considerate for makin an opportunity
like this for someone like me who absolutely has no contact with any filmmakers or producers and to
share their experiences with the rest of world is just amazing..
Here are some photos i took at the end of the workshop

Kak Sazzy!!Aren't we very much alike..(Perasan!)

One of the most talented actor in Malaysia..

This guy is from Goda on 8tv..His appearance was quite different
than what i saw on Goda

Aduh gue bersama Reza dari Cinta&Anugerah!!

She's lookin kinda chunky since she's a pregger
I met Bunga at the last minute..After all of the participants had gone
ashraf was back with Bunga and im not the kind a person who lets this type of chances slip through my finger

Monday, July 26, 2010

*Over The Hedge*

This week is full of suprises and gonna be a hectic week for me for once..
After so long without any active particular involvement especially in Coco i've decided to
make a little adjustment.
Like this wednesday i'll be havin my patriotic singing competition and
im setting my eyes on the prize which i have no idea what it would be.
Still it drives me to push
myself even further and give it my very best to win this thing also to just have a good time.Plus
the next day after the whole singing contest imma be havin a bowling lessons at Klang Parade.
I bet Dayah,Zura and Amelia are going too.I think so..

Moreover Syifa literally ambushed me this morning as i was puttin my backpack and stuffs down, she just came up to me willy-nilly and interrogated me like in one of those CSI or Criminal Minds episodes.Astounded by her vulgarity i firmly asked her to have this integral negotiation
when there are only the two of us like i dont want any intervention from any parties
As i foresee it she'd rather to keep up the charades than to have like a heart to heart negotiation.
That is something you could expect from someone like her..
People with agendas frequently flake out on an honest and truthful confrontation
Its usually because they have a guilt conscience to hide and they are scared that people around them might see their true color.What a shame(sigh)

Test is comin full speed ahead this upcomin August and i havent done any preparation or whatsoever fundamental steps for this test.Im goin to step up my game and ace it like nobody can.That my friend is my own personal profound resolution during August and fingers crossed that it may lasts up untill the end of August.Please Allah make it all happen with non-turbelence existence susceptible to my spirit and resolution

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

~ Mas Izzati Binti Meor Roslan ~

You know how they say friends are like the stars?
There not there ALL the time, but you know they are there.

Mas Izzati Binti Meor Roslan or better known as Mas amongst friends is a friend full of loyalty
and courage.These are the two traits that you would notice the second you get to know her.I still are able to recall the day we first met.We are two completely different human being who turned out to be besties.Suprised-suprised huh?As you all know ,urs truly is completely the opposite to bunch of common guys out there.Not that im exaggeratin still eccentric would be the ideal word to describe me.But Mas accept me as one of her buddies and that makes me wonder at first..
I reckon she has her own ulterior motives but it was just my crappy,common and insipid imagination.
I guess i never fully grasp the concept of true friend.

I am blessed to have Mas as one of my friend who stays true to our friendship
Although we've had our differences and ocassional bickering, we realize that we need each
other more and our noble friendship is on top of our list.
Now that we don't go to the same school any longer we still haven't lost touch..
I do believe an honest friendship can never be broken and will never meet its end

P.S Mas you are one of a kind friend and diamond in the rough at a certain times
I will cherish our friendship for eternity<3

Sunday, July 18, 2010

$Hoard Your Beauty Within The Cave$

Report card day came and gone and me and my father went to the school last Friday hoping that
my results wasn't that pitiful..
I sorta forsaw that i didn't passed with flying colors but miraculously
my results wasn't that bad
If only i stepped up my game and buckle up another extra work i could had gotten a much better
Do you guys know what does this mean?
It means i got potential to be one of the best..
All it takes to be one of the superior is to thrive on loads of homeworks and
exercises(excluded MT)
Trial is comin up pretty soon and by the time it comes im sure it'll be takin its toll on me
Deadbeat by the hour fosho la..

Also i couldn't help noticing Lindsay Lohan's final days before going into the slammer
She's a tremendous one talented actress but i guess something seems to be missin and
what the judge had executed in my opinion personally its for her own good
She kinda needs a reality check and im gettin the feelin that she'll somehow find it
behind the bars

Friday, July 16, 2010

*Cheer 2010*

P.S We all had a blast and really bonded with each other

Sunday, July 11, 2010

[The Twilight Saga:Eclipse]

I went to watched Eclipse with my father(he's now been appointed as my chaperoned,i guess)
at Jusco,Bukit Tinggi,Klang and i found the entire story line is by far the bestest compared
to the previous chapters of the twilight saga movie.Less typical romance , more action filled
But it was heartbreakin to know that Bella is marrying Edward and Jacob was filled with heartaches and rage knowin that Edward trumps him.So hands down to Eclipse
I wonder what's installed for the final chapter of the Twilight Saga..Hurmph..

The Cullens..I wish i was apart of this blood suckin family

The intimate,sexy and sultry kissin scene in Edward's bed .Why weren't they this serious during the MTV Movie Awards

The intense,escalatin dispute between these two girls magnet I'll go for Team Jacob..
How i have a tremendous desire to be just like him Physically lah..A man can dream, can he

The sweetest and the lovable couple on Eclipse
The culprit's right hand man. He poses a challenge to Rob Patt
Sam Uley seems to have more fats than packs..He seriously needs to be in shape for the final chapter.
This Victoria looks a lot terrifying than
this new red-haired Victoria

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Just Can't Help It,Im A Misfit

I didn't go to school today for some odd reason.I feel all woozy wakin up this morning so i
just continued lyin in bed and ended up my father shaking me real hard just to wake me up.
I got up,took a shower, had breakfast when all of a sudden i got a call from an anonymous
caller who warned me about some devious,crappy,foil plan constructed by two LAMOS girls in
the whole universe.
They wanted to get even with me due to my liberty of ratting them out here
in my blog.
I winced a hysterical laughter right after i hung up on the caller.
They think they're so
mighty and powerful that they could just bash me up like some sort of thug's style.I got one
word to say to them,PATHETIC!

To those LAMOS girls,listen up i don't need y'all to keep me grounded or to cheer me up.
Im perfectly fine without y'all and newsflash y'all are tramp-ish,vanity,two-timing ho bag that
exist like herpes and y'all just gonna keep comin back to hassle ur victims.Now ur pissed and aggravated because i
ratted y'all out online.That's the kind of a guy who i am like.
Do it frankly and direct unlike y'all who chose
a timid,cowardice way of thrashin someone else.
That's even low for tramp-ish girls like
Y'all might wanna call off the thug plan because i've got some friends from higher places and
as a matter a fact Musa Hassan the Ketua Polis Negara happens to be my uncle.
I dont mean to brag but y'all made me do it.
So i dare ya to not chicken out and go ahead with
ur doofus plan to bust me up.Also the whole universe lives by the rules and that counts earth too.
Plus,i'll never forgive the two of ya.
Not here when we are still breathin oxygen,not afterwards nor the afterlife.Deal with ur sins devil's right hand assistants!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

{Baby Boy ,You Are Rigid}

Hey dolls..
Its been a while since my last post..

I know i nearly abandoned my responsibility of keepin y'all posted but i got caught up with stuffs like homeworks and assignments and im tryin to catch-up with the deadline given by my ludicrous Art teacher.. Not to mention the subsequent homeworks and exercises instructed by each different teachers of different subjects are takin its toll on me..
Gotta forsee myself dead tired by this Friday..
So nothin bizzare or
interesting happened in school,just the usual thing but there was a disgruntled emotional distraught squabble which nearly turned into a massive spiteful bickering between aqidah my best girlfriend and one of our classmate Fizie..
It started off with aqidah's
blockin Fizie's way of passin through by leanin one of her foot towards Fizzie's direction..
Unnoticed by the clandestined foot he slog his way through those narrow and crammed path and he tinkered aqidah's foot..
He didnt lose his tempered at first which stunned me as hell but then he did scowl
As we moved passed that he took the liberty of gettin even with aqidah i presumed by tossin a crippled up piece of paper towards aqidah..
It landed on top of her head and she was pretty much bugged due to that and so confronted that piece of shit infront of the rest of the class..

There were harsh words taken part in the fight hence the massive bickering..
Im not takin sides but that piece of shit shoud've just backed out of the fight if he is a real man as to what he often referred himself..
He was actin all cowardice as always..

Douchebag*high-pitched voice*

Thursday, July 1, 2010

$Dishonesty Is Ravaging!

So today was a very repulsive day of my entire life..In other words not the best day for me
So i found out from a friend that Syifa and her dearest bestie Rasheeda were actually talkin thrash behind my back..
When i heard their names being mentioned i was a little caught off guard..
I wasn't feelin sad or offended but i reckon somehow that this might've happen if u have a two-timing backstabber slash big momma as ur classmate..
BTW to SYIFA and RASHEEDA dont be
suprised with ur names being popped up in this post..
Just so you know both of ya are the ones at
fault due to ur peculiar interest of sharin stories regardin urs truly and also for sayin that im actin sort of like a 'sissy'..
Newsflash..ADE AKU KISAH!Anyway take a good look at urself in the
Be sure to buy an enormous crystal-clear mirror since u urself are a hefty girl..
Rasheeda i hardly know you and why would do such a thing..
Don cha have dignity or morallity left under those tramp-ish,vain conceited look..Repent girls..
I couldn't be bothered with what have y'all been up to but
one thing that really annoyes me is ur sincerity of being a friend is disputable..
If u guys really resent me than say it to my face instead of fakin ur insipid hipocriptical act whenever im
I'll never forgive y'all no worries on that..
U guys are most likely similar to contagious plague that ravage humanity within and eradicate civilization with a single strike..
Thats what u are to me

P.S Once ya mess with me there's no turnin back
I'll give it 3 times fold worst..

If ur readin this and get offended thats exactly what it has been intended for