Tuesday, July 6, 2010

{Baby Boy ,You Are Rigid}

Hey dolls..
Its been a while since my last post..

I know i nearly abandoned my responsibility of keepin y'all posted but i got caught up with stuffs like homeworks and assignments and im tryin to catch-up with the deadline given by my ludicrous Art teacher.. Not to mention the subsequent homeworks and exercises instructed by each different teachers of different subjects are takin its toll on me..
Gotta forsee myself dead tired by this Friday..
So nothin bizzare or
interesting happened in school,just the usual thing but there was a disgruntled emotional distraught squabble which nearly turned into a massive spiteful bickering between aqidah my best girlfriend and one of our classmate Fizie..
It started off with aqidah's
blockin Fizie's way of passin through by leanin one of her foot towards Fizzie's direction..
Unnoticed by the clandestined foot he slog his way through those narrow and crammed path and he tinkered aqidah's foot..
He didnt lose his tempered at first which stunned me as hell but then he did scowl
As we moved passed that he took the liberty of gettin even with aqidah i presumed by tossin a crippled up piece of paper towards aqidah..
It landed on top of her head and she was pretty much bugged due to that and so confronted that piece of shit infront of the rest of the class..

There were harsh words taken part in the fight hence the massive bickering..
Im not takin sides but that piece of shit shoud've just backed out of the fight if he is a real man as to what he often referred himself..
He was actin all cowardice as always..

Douchebag*high-pitched voice*

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