Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Just Can't Help It,Im A Misfit

I didn't go to school today for some odd reason.I feel all woozy wakin up this morning so i
just continued lyin in bed and ended up my father shaking me real hard just to wake me up.
I got up,took a shower, had breakfast when all of a sudden i got a call from an anonymous
caller who warned me about some devious,crappy,foil plan constructed by two LAMOS girls in
the whole universe.
They wanted to get even with me due to my liberty of ratting them out here
in my blog.
I winced a hysterical laughter right after i hung up on the caller.
They think they're so
mighty and powerful that they could just bash me up like some sort of thug's style.I got one
word to say to them,PATHETIC!

To those LAMOS girls,listen up i don't need y'all to keep me grounded or to cheer me up.
Im perfectly fine without y'all and newsflash y'all are tramp-ish,vanity,two-timing ho bag that
exist like herpes and y'all just gonna keep comin back to hassle ur victims.Now ur pissed and aggravated because i
ratted y'all out online.That's the kind of a guy who i am like.
Do it frankly and direct unlike y'all who chose
a timid,cowardice way of thrashin someone else.
That's even low for tramp-ish girls like
Y'all might wanna call off the thug plan because i've got some friends from higher places and
as a matter a fact Musa Hassan the Ketua Polis Negara happens to be my uncle.
I dont mean to brag but y'all made me do it.
So i dare ya to not chicken out and go ahead with
ur doofus plan to bust me up.Also the whole universe lives by the rules and that counts earth too.
Plus,i'll never forgive the two of ya.
Not here when we are still breathin oxygen,not afterwards nor the afterlife.Deal with ur sins devil's right hand assistants!


  1. Hahahhahaha anonymous called you and said all that? I mean, REALLY? hahahha what the hell man? And i read all your previous blogs jsyk. People and their unshuttable mouths lah Haiqal. And sorry to say, but you think they really understands English izzit? I HIGHLY doubt that.

  2. Wakakakaka...Actually it was from one of my friend who requested her name being untold..Well i cudn't be bothered wth the fact that they dont understand was just an expression of my discontent..They are bunch ofLamos drama queens lah..