Sunday, July 18, 2010

$Hoard Your Beauty Within The Cave$

Report card day came and gone and me and my father went to the school last Friday hoping that
my results wasn't that pitiful..
I sorta forsaw that i didn't passed with flying colors but miraculously
my results wasn't that bad
If only i stepped up my game and buckle up another extra work i could had gotten a much better
Do you guys know what does this mean?
It means i got potential to be one of the best..
All it takes to be one of the superior is to thrive on loads of homeworks and
exercises(excluded MT)
Trial is comin up pretty soon and by the time it comes im sure it'll be takin its toll on me
Deadbeat by the hour fosho la..

Also i couldn't help noticing Lindsay Lohan's final days before going into the slammer
She's a tremendous one talented actress but i guess something seems to be missin and
what the judge had executed in my opinion personally its for her own good
She kinda needs a reality check and im gettin the feelin that she'll somehow find it
behind the bars

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