Thursday, July 17, 2014

As I Descend Onto The Land Of Writing All Over Again


Its been more than a year or so since i last posted an entry. I must have been really tied up with my college life. But since that's not the case now, and by that i mean i have managed to complete a 3 year diploma program victoriously and will be on an official graduation by early September. So to sum up what its like for the past one year, long story short final project, teammates conflict, the passing of my brother in law, ( all of this happened last 4 months and i was so caught up to even address these issues on my blog). I know its an overdue story but i am vain that way and this seems like the only appropriate medium for me to vent.

Alhamdulilah for the first time i made it on the academic Dean's List which is an astounding news for me and my family. Dont mean to blow my own trumpet but i am the only family member in my family who ever had that academic accomplishment. Guess i am smart after all ( thought im sure that part of me is committed in disappearing and comin back when the full moon is high up in the sky). Those constant weekend commute has not been in vain when i am rewarded with a Dean's List recognition. My current situation is conspicuously bleak in some way sebab ive been on a job hunting for quite some time but things never seemed to be on my side. Takpelah.....Allah has one of His ultimate plans for me kot.

It is the holy month of Ramadhan and i would like to take this opportunity to wish my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters Salam Ramadhan. May each and every of our ibadah be accepted by His Almighty. Before ending this entry please do pray hard for the safety and well being of our Palestinians brothers and sisters. They are dragged into this capital genocide by the Israelis for no apparent and logical reason. Do everything in your power to assist in puttin an end to this human genocide which includes boycotting the Israelis based products such as Mcdonald, Loreal Paris and etc.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Personal Swan Song

Let me start off this post by congratulating my very own self for.....wait for it...for passing my finals!
Yes! Can y'all believe it i actually passed and wont have to repeat any of my 3rd semester's subjects!
I have to say my 3rd semester was indeed the best memory i had of my time being at campus,now as y'all know i dont really have a good track record when it comes to PSIS but the last semester that i had to endured was the icing on the cake personally for me..
My CGPA was a whole lot better than my second semester but slightly below than where i first ranked at..
I guess i just gotta keep doin what ive been doing throughout the second semester cuz it seemed to be working..

I am uber ecstatic to get a B- for one of my first ever repeated subject which was trengkas,as compared to what i got for my second semester,it trumps what i got for trengkas the semester before..
Enough bout that,now lets get to the more paramount matters as such i'll be starting my internship first thing Monday mornin!!
I nerve-wrecking,the jittery seems to be gradually kickin in but im partially stoked and nervous bout it..
Well,wish me luck and pray that i excel my internship ok dolls :)
Till we meet again..

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Good evenin fabulous people and selamat petang and salam to each and every of y'all in the virtual dimension!
How ya been dolls? So sorry for not blogging as much as i should have since my hands are tied due to plenty of things that has been goin on in my life! With finals and my upcomin internship,argh! definitely a headache to think bout...
But my finals have long passed and now im just waitin for the results which will be released in 2 weeks time,stress kan? I mean if only we have an eternity to do all of that,it would've been sufficed and fosho tak rasa stress macam ni..
Well a man can dream can he? Btw terlupa nak cakap i'll be interning at Media Prima Berhad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know its so fabulous and awesome that i get to do my internship kat sana,i mean think bout all the experience that i get to gain and learn from..
On top of that the heaps of celebs which i get to meet in person,super psyched about it but i need to take my enthusiasm down a notch for a sec cuz my mom always told me,dont let it get to ur head so i wont do so..
All in all,my feelings are mixed up..

Also my farewell moment with my super seniors were despondent and a solid tear jerker...
I gave abang nuq and kakak haz a hug before taking off and they said some nice things the last time we hugged..
They mean so much to me cuz they are the people who are responsible for my true self,they made me who i am today and they had never told me to ever not be me regardless of the time and venue..
And for that i couldnt be more thankful..

Satu lagi i nak cerita pasal crush i yang bermula dengan nama A.. ;P
Lets just call A my edward cullen,and before i berambus dari tempat tu,i kasi die somethin to remember me by,its a CK cologne wrapped neatly in a floral pink paper wrap with a tiny card attached to it which said everythin that i have wished i could have verbalized to my edward cullen..
Ingat kan nak la letak depan bilik dia and then scram but masa tu die takde dalam bilik die so terpaksa la mintak bff i do it on my behalf...
Sometimes i asked myself if only i have the courage to tell A that dia had stolen my heart,i would...
Tapi semuanya hanya impian yang takkan dapat i buat..
Anyways i hope A enjoyed the cologne yang i kasi kat die..


Friday, July 13, 2012

Touched By An Angel

*here's one of my singing clips..hope y'all enjoy it..

Today has either been the most vapid day or the opposite of vapid, booked an appointment at a talent agency called Famous Artistes in Damansara ,didnt meet the casting director due to the fact that he was on to an important stuff so i met with his talent scout ( i guess so,considering they were really being welcoming and frank) 
One of them is a chinese lady whom name is hard to pronounce while the other is named Adam..
Went in without baba cuz i specifically asked him to stay put and just let me do this on my own
I mean who am i gonna kid,i'll be 19 within 2 months and im still depending on my parents who are aging,to settle my own matter,this seems like it didnt acquire to much intervention from either of my folks so i took matter into my own hands,walked up the staircase,knocked on the door,sat down and was all ears when they started the conversation...
They snapped a few pictures of myself and briefly filmed my what i'd like to call my "expression moments' where i had to expressed and emote a certain feeling like frightened,happy and shocked in front of their little lens which was pretty amusing cuz i really didnt see it comin at all..
Before they photographed me they took some of my torso measurement and height,i felt like i was there for a dress fitting LOL
 Paid them up as we are gettin to the end and, they seemed really honest bout gettin me hired in the commercial market but thats all to soon to say i better wait for the results to turn out,
Fingers crossed the clientele hooked me up with an offer or a job..

Other news that's currently the highlight of my life is that i'll be startin my 3rd semester next week which as ya  guys might have guessed to be somethin im not over the moon for and if ya have well then ya are right, what seems to be haunting me is the courses and that is macroeconomic,i seem to have my worries on it for no logical reasons,i am at odd with it,last time i tried to make piece but i barely made it out of the treaty ..
 I guess i need to give it a go again,on top of that i'll be doin my time in trengkas class for the second time,sigh...
 Just pray for the best for me will ya guys? Thanks..

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bring The Boys Out

Salam and a very peaceful evening i bid to my fellow angels and satans..
Its been yonks since i last been here,so so sorry for not blogging much these days,well i got plenty of important stuffs to attend to right,cant just kick back and sit around all day..
Well for those of ya who actually and genuinely cared to know of my routine ya could always follow me at my twithandle since im more active there than i am here and facebook,its @DuchessGlams and i'll follow y'all back

Well a lot has happened in my life currently as such i've just completed my short semester and now am on a 3 weeks holiday break before im entering my 3rd semester,i must say it didnt take a toll on me which was quite apart from my 2nd semester..
I cant believe im just a semester away from goin for my industrial training which will take place early next year and heck yes im excited as hell over it!

I really dont have anythin to write about oohh before it slips my mind do support my Youtube channel,search for Haiccal and ya will see some of my singing clips..
I guess pretty much thats all the time we have,till next time