Friday, June 17, 2011

Crevice In The Moon

Hey y'all we meet again in my teeny tiny unnoticed fab page...
Forgive me for not blogging as much i should due to the hectically time in my life thats makin me to stay out of the blog gateway for a very long period of time..
Eversince i got back from Jakarta things have been super fab for the past 3 weeks or so..

Im now a PTPL College's student majorin in English Language Teaching(ELT)...
For some of ya who may not get what ELT means its really equivalently the same as Teaching English As A Second Language or for short people have called it TESL..
But at PTPL the name of the program is called ELT...
So far things have been gladly worked out and fingers crossed it stays the same until the day of my graduation
Ive adapted to the surroundings and pretty much dig it,though my classrooms are miles away from the entrance of the campus and its been my friggin job to locate the classrooms in order for me to get to class without being tardy which is one of my dislikes.. went pretty well the past 3 weeks..
I met some new friends and not to mention  encountered some familiar faces from my former school..
But there's this guy who was one of my classmates and i think my closest girlfriends know who am i takin about..
I didnt expect to be this enthusiastic and happy to meet him again and it was one of the wonderful and sweetest moments i've ever had with him..
He took me by surprise by being all nice and gregarious and within the vicinity chat we had, he used his name instead of using 'aku' or engkau' which got me thinkin why the nice gestures?
I mean not that i want him to make my life a livin hell but why bother gave me a different treatment than the one ya gave back then?
Im a wee bit quire bout him , but yeah it made my day to see his bright and beautiful smile for the very first time and  i kinda and sorta want the chance to bump into him again..
Who knows what could happen the next time we run into each other right?

I have tonnes of assignments that needs to be done,not that much though,am being rhetoric as always..
So thats it from me dolls and i'll be sure to update this site as frequent as i can in my pastime okai?