Friday, July 13, 2012

Touched By An Angel

*here's one of my singing clips..hope y'all enjoy it..

Today has either been the most vapid day or the opposite of vapid, booked an appointment at a talent agency called Famous Artistes in Damansara ,didnt meet the casting director due to the fact that he was on to an important stuff so i met with his talent scout ( i guess so,considering they were really being welcoming and frank) 
One of them is a chinese lady whom name is hard to pronounce while the other is named Adam..
Went in without baba cuz i specifically asked him to stay put and just let me do this on my own
I mean who am i gonna kid,i'll be 19 within 2 months and im still depending on my parents who are aging,to settle my own matter,this seems like it didnt acquire to much intervention from either of my folks so i took matter into my own hands,walked up the staircase,knocked on the door,sat down and was all ears when they started the conversation...
They snapped a few pictures of myself and briefly filmed my what i'd like to call my "expression moments' where i had to expressed and emote a certain feeling like frightened,happy and shocked in front of their little lens which was pretty amusing cuz i really didnt see it comin at all..
Before they photographed me they took some of my torso measurement and height,i felt like i was there for a dress fitting LOL
 Paid them up as we are gettin to the end and, they seemed really honest bout gettin me hired in the commercial market but thats all to soon to say i better wait for the results to turn out,
Fingers crossed the clientele hooked me up with an offer or a job..

Other news that's currently the highlight of my life is that i'll be startin my 3rd semester next week which as ya  guys might have guessed to be somethin im not over the moon for and if ya have well then ya are right, what seems to be haunting me is the courses and that is macroeconomic,i seem to have my worries on it for no logical reasons,i am at odd with it,last time i tried to make piece but i barely made it out of the treaty ..
 I guess i need to give it a go again,on top of that i'll be doin my time in trengkas class for the second time,sigh...
 Just pray for the best for me will ya guys? Thanks..