Thursday, July 17, 2014

As I Descend Onto The Land Of Writing All Over Again


Its been more than a year or so since i last posted an entry. I must have been really tied up with my college life. But since that's not the case now, and by that i mean i have managed to complete a 3 year diploma program victoriously and will be on an official graduation by early September. So to sum up what its like for the past one year, long story short final project, teammates conflict, the passing of my brother in law, ( all of this happened last 4 months and i was so caught up to even address these issues on my blog). I know its an overdue story but i am vain that way and this seems like the only appropriate medium for me to vent.

Alhamdulilah for the first time i made it on the academic Dean's List which is an astounding news for me and my family. Dont mean to blow my own trumpet but i am the only family member in my family who ever had that academic accomplishment. Guess i am smart after all ( thought im sure that part of me is committed in disappearing and comin back when the full moon is high up in the sky). Those constant weekend commute has not been in vain when i am rewarded with a Dean's List recognition. My current situation is conspicuously bleak in some way sebab ive been on a job hunting for quite some time but things never seemed to be on my side. Takpelah.....Allah has one of His ultimate plans for me kot.

It is the holy month of Ramadhan and i would like to take this opportunity to wish my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters Salam Ramadhan. May each and every of our ibadah be accepted by His Almighty. Before ending this entry please do pray hard for the safety and well being of our Palestinians brothers and sisters. They are dragged into this capital genocide by the Israelis for no apparent and logical reason. Do everything in your power to assist in puttin an end to this human genocide which includes boycotting the Israelis based products such as Mcdonald, Loreal Paris and etc.