Monday, June 28, 2010

[Decaffeinated For English,Not Math!]

Numbers and figures are so not my thing..
Whenever im up for Math within a split a second i'll be yawnin wth a great pandemonium bawl out in my head..
Its pretty much obvious that English trumps Math and ocassionally i reach a point where i think 'Math is a bunch of crap' but people around me start talk some senses into me whenever i feel that way..
It's like an auto-pilot..
That goes without thinkin ya know..

Math just makes me famished and ticked off I dread from being in the class body and mind everytime its Math lesson I couldn't grow up thinkin Math is convenient to absorb and probably im being insipid and brazen but its just my personal point of view..
Plus this is my blog why should i hesitate from writin what am i feelin currently..
So dont make any passin judgements!People love to throw absurd and fake accusations like 'Haiqal's a stuck-up or he's just being goofish' Why!!Just because i favour English more than other subjects.. Its a second nature to me and Math has a belittle benefit to the real world Pretty much..

Sunday, June 27, 2010

{Fashion Monster's News}

P.S Two of the most prominent and anticipated movies that im dying to watch..
Miley and Taylor!!I love y'all to death!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

^Hell Is For You!It's Not A Fluke^

So yesterday i was in a state of shock due to some immature,lazy bump,low lives good for nothin SMK Puncak Alam's student for what he did to me.. It happened on Ameera's account which was a good friend of mine..One year younger than me
So she wrote in her headline that she was feelin lightheaded and beat for goin to school..
I took the liberty of advicin her by replyin 'Might help if you take some aspirin tho' out of concern as her senior..there was no response from her least as i expected..
When all of a sudden her repulsive,jackass douche lord friend decided its time for an intervention from the third wheel..

Didnt foresee this counterback though..
He took upon himself by tauntin and insulted me with vulgar and rhetorical sentences such as gaylord la..suck a grown up dick lah..Pfft..
His attempt
of being a mindless jock looked sort of pathetic and not a good look on him.. I wasn't ticked off..Ok! you got me..
Partially ticked off but most of the time he just provided a comic
Give the guy a break would ya?!..he chose to look stupid it was his right to do so..
I told my mom and believe me that dude would wish he hadn't done that to me at the first place if he would able to see my mom's reaction towards his repulsive and vulgarity comments..
I informed Ameera about this matter and she was appalled with the whole thing..
She said
the convicter was feelin leathergic and bored..What a bunch of lies!
That is exactly an answer
from somone who's afraid of their own shadows..
Nevertheless..i couldn't be bothered
but i'll never forgive him..
Thats an assurance

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

*Rendezvous Is Gettin The Best Of Me*

I hate the feelin of losing to others especially to those dimbwit jerks in my class
My BM result was a complete utter destruction and an embarrassment to me
Not that im being rhetoric as always but its the fact..
I feel like stranglin myself or
hang myself by the neck because i was kinda furious with the results that i got..
This upcomin trial SPM examination wont let me down or get in the way of my triumph

A lot is ridin on this and i'll definitely see to it that obtainin a tremendous grades is a reality
My grades cannot go down the drain or thats the end of my life...
The outcomes hit me like a firetruck

U can do it Cal..Never let ur emotions get the best of ya and thrive on concentration
P.S Failure is the ingredient for success

Monday, June 21, 2010

[Toy Story 3]

P.S I've watched Toy Story 3 and it was an intriguing blast from the past,also a
glimpse of the future..Weird hah?Deja Vu alert..
Nevertheless Toy Story 3 is a gurantee all time favourite animated movie

Saturday, June 19, 2010

{I Dreamed A Love Would Never Die}

u aren't the most perfect father in the world
But u give it ur shot to be one of the best and for that i appreciate the efforts and the sweats u toil to be there for me and ayong..
Eventhough you and I tend
to be at each other's throats most of the time but i know i still could count on you to pull me back on track and keep me in the game so that i wont get divert or astray from the path where i should be on..
I love and respect
you BaBa!Happy Father's Day..!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

$Phenomenal Is An Understatement$

P.S He blows my mind away with his performance during the shoot..
I dont care what y'all think,what matters is what i think of it..
He's my idol and literally would leap if i meet him in person

#Reckon There Will Be Any..#

So today i had my first G.D.O with my old elementary schoolmates..
We headed to Sunway Pyramid and pretty much rocked the place up..
For those of you who probably dont know us, literally zany and whacko are our middle names
We arent the type of clique that held back watever that come across to our ingenius minds
So the rest of us had a blast of hangin out together since it has been ages i've seen them..
I did enjoy myself being with the rest of them but somehow i reckon there will be no second G.D.O with them la..I guess probably during the whole entourage i felt there was no an instant connection
between them and me..Somewhere in the conversation i felt lost and bored..U might perceive me as a softie but there were some sentences and actions that bugged till at this hour..C'm on haiccal
lets be sensible rather than emotional..Throughout all of those psychological suffering things
turned out pretty well..It was nice spendin some time with them..Nice indeed..!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

*Fashion Monster's News*

OMG!!Im completely appalled with what i've just seen and heard on E!News!
I know this may seem kinda overdue and i probably should brush up on
my gossip point and stop livin in the past but chace crawford is
currently being put behind bars..

I mean there's no way those weeds are in his possesion
But i gotta say even during his mugshot he still looked pretty much chic magnet
I look up to him..

Saturday, June 12, 2010

:More Than Meets The Eyes:

OMG im majorly in full of a collosal pique with this Maxis Broadband..
It drives me

nuts by each minute with its slow speed..
Any longer of using this thang i might admitted myself
to the nearest rehab centre..
I think i wanna ask my dad to re-activate the old celcom
broadband back and he can keep his Maxis coz i aint spendin a second thinkin of using it
again..Repent..Repent i shall say..

Friday, June 11, 2010

$Lagenda Budak Setan$

I finally got the time to be entertained by the uncomparable and mind-blowin power of the cinema
I've never been to the cinema for as long as i can remember and boy was i really missin it..
Not to be rhetorical somehow but i felt like i've dumped the whole tween stuffs over books,in conjunction of
the crucial and the biggest exam of the year..SPM!
I gotta say im not likin the whole idea but either i like it or not i still have to do it as it is a milestone
to my future and decides whether i'll have a bright future or the gloomy and vague one..

wait to end this torment for good..
Anyway as soon as me and my dad arrived at the cinema

we chose to watched Lagenda Budak Setan..
It was actually a novel by a malaysian novelist named ahadiat akashah but was made into a movie..
What really caught my attention is the fact of the title and the main casts such as Farid Kamil,Lisa Surihani,Nur Fazura(a.k.a my future gf) and Que Haidar..
I mean these are all damn superb actors and actresses especially Fazura..
So we lined up ouselves to pur
chase the tickets and time to watch the film came..
At first i didnt get my hopes high fear that i might be crushed with the entire plot..
Not being discriminative or anythin for that matter but to be truthful ocasionally Malay films are sucky..Danggg..!!was i wrong to indulge into a perspective so quick..
The movie should be nominated for Oscars or the Golden Globe if there's a possibility to do so..
I cried towards the end of the film but at the first place i tried everythin in my power to not do so..
try to be steady and control macho la and it failed..oh well my failed attempt..Lagenda Budak Setan was a heartbreakin,miraculously soul stirring Malay movie..It reminded me of someone who i used to crush on but she's a history in my previous gullible life...6 stars for LBS!

P.S she's currently my newest starstruck

Thursday, June 10, 2010

^A Weigh Has Been Lifted Off Of My Shoulder^

Well sometimes things woud'nt go exactly as we planned
In my friend's case im not really clued up on what the heck happened to them
but im pretty sure they have a good reason for their shambles break-up..
I felt like a bad person in a cheesy romantic comedy movie..I was the one who
insisted on pairin those two up and kinda want to lend a hand to him for treatin me
with chivalry compared to the rest of the boys in our class..So i figured out, to repay his good deeds towards me is by helpin him gettin the girl of his dream..i've divised a partially perfect plan to
help him and it turned out to be firecrackers..I did it..I started callin myself cupid and all..

After a while their relationship began to tremble..I thought it was only temporary because its normal

in a relationship to have conflicts but this time they're runnin out of solutions..Its on the rocks anyway

So they break the tie and left their memories vague..

Im not blamin myself but it was a life lesson for me

I will never ever in a million years would pair people up

as it is not my duty to do so..Its all in God's hands

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

#Born To Be In The Limelight#

Here's a photo that eddie tagged me with on facebook..
After all these years i was clueless to post this photo online..

Well technically i've posted the remains of this gambar a long time ago on my Friendster account..
Of course lah back then i had my friendster account activated but after knowin the existence of Myspace i became what they called 'kacang lupakan kulit'
Once i pressed the delete button it was all too late .. i didnt get to save the pictures and so the photos were called off along with the rest..Dangg..!! was i that gullible and senile..
Anyway this photo means the world to me as it took me back down memory lane ..
Oh wel l. .behind of whats goin on in the picture is the time when i was 14 years old participatin for our regional dance competition that took place at Dewan Sivik MBPJ, Petaling Jaya..
Unfortunately we didnt leave the place with victory but all of us had a freakin awesome time together.. Especially me and my best girl Mas Izzati..
To be exact during the whole prancin and choreography went on me and Mazz had our special and personal bonding time..
Dont be thinkin sumethin else pulak ! We became sisters or brothers ..
Nevertheless it was off the hook .. Yeah we did went through hiccups here and there but let bygones be bygones kan? Mas if u are readin this u know what im talkin about..

Boy..was i enjoyin myself being the attention of the crowd ..
The rush of being on stage .. Not to mention the adrenaline was on the go nonstop pumpin through my blood stream .. One of the fabulous moments that ever happened
to me

*Haiccal Couture's Story*

Parenthood is comin on Star World tonight
Be sure not to miss it!
I mean after Cougar Town and How I Met Your Mother i should be watchin somethin that
is current and entirely comedic since boredom is all over me and i have nothin
else to do

*Im A Movie Junkie*

P.S The top 3 movielist i could come up with after all torned up of pickin which movie to watch

^Fashion Monster's Story^

This is my newly and currently updated website.. No longer had any connection with Haiqal Brat Pack.. As i've deleted that account for good.. I'll keep y'all posted on any of my progression