Thursday, June 24, 2010

^Hell Is For You!It's Not A Fluke^

So yesterday i was in a state of shock due to some immature,lazy bump,low lives good for nothin SMK Puncak Alam's student for what he did to me.. It happened on Ameera's account which was a good friend of mine..One year younger than me
So she wrote in her headline that she was feelin lightheaded and beat for goin to school..
I took the liberty of advicin her by replyin 'Might help if you take some aspirin tho' out of concern as her senior..there was no response from her least as i expected..
When all of a sudden her repulsive,jackass douche lord friend decided its time for an intervention from the third wheel..

Didnt foresee this counterback though..
He took upon himself by tauntin and insulted me with vulgar and rhetorical sentences such as gaylord la..suck a grown up dick lah..Pfft..
His attempt
of being a mindless jock looked sort of pathetic and not a good look on him.. I wasn't ticked off..Ok! you got me..
Partially ticked off but most of the time he just provided a comic
Give the guy a break would ya?!..he chose to look stupid it was his right to do so..
I told my mom and believe me that dude would wish he hadn't done that to me at the first place if he would able to see my mom's reaction towards his repulsive and vulgarity comments..
I informed Ameera about this matter and she was appalled with the whole thing..
She said
the convicter was feelin leathergic and bored..What a bunch of lies!
That is exactly an answer
from somone who's afraid of their own shadows..
Nevertheless..i couldn't be bothered
but i'll never forgive him..
Thats an assurance

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