Monday, June 28, 2010

[Decaffeinated For English,Not Math!]

Numbers and figures are so not my thing..
Whenever im up for Math within a split a second i'll be yawnin wth a great pandemonium bawl out in my head..
Its pretty much obvious that English trumps Math and ocassionally i reach a point where i think 'Math is a bunch of crap' but people around me start talk some senses into me whenever i feel that way..
It's like an auto-pilot..
That goes without thinkin ya know..

Math just makes me famished and ticked off I dread from being in the class body and mind everytime its Math lesson I couldn't grow up thinkin Math is convenient to absorb and probably im being insipid and brazen but its just my personal point of view..
Plus this is my blog why should i hesitate from writin what am i feelin currently..
So dont make any passin judgements!People love to throw absurd and fake accusations like 'Haiqal's a stuck-up or he's just being goofish' Why!!Just because i favour English more than other subjects.. Its a second nature to me and Math has a belittle benefit to the real world Pretty much..

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