Thursday, June 10, 2010

^A Weigh Has Been Lifted Off Of My Shoulder^

Well sometimes things woud'nt go exactly as we planned
In my friend's case im not really clued up on what the heck happened to them
but im pretty sure they have a good reason for their shambles break-up..
I felt like a bad person in a cheesy romantic comedy movie..I was the one who
insisted on pairin those two up and kinda want to lend a hand to him for treatin me
with chivalry compared to the rest of the boys in our class..So i figured out, to repay his good deeds towards me is by helpin him gettin the girl of his dream..i've divised a partially perfect plan to
help him and it turned out to be firecrackers..I did it..I started callin myself cupid and all..

After a while their relationship began to tremble..I thought it was only temporary because its normal

in a relationship to have conflicts but this time they're runnin out of solutions..Its on the rocks anyway

So they break the tie and left their memories vague..

Im not blamin myself but it was a life lesson for me

I will never ever in a million years would pair people up

as it is not my duty to do so..Its all in God's hands

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