Tuesday, June 8, 2010

#Born To Be In The Limelight#

Here's a photo that eddie tagged me with on facebook..
After all these years i was clueless to post this photo online..

Well technically i've posted the remains of this gambar a long time ago on my Friendster account..
Of course lah back then i had my friendster account activated but after knowin the existence of Myspace i became what they called 'kacang lupakan kulit'
Once i pressed the delete button it was all too late .. i didnt get to save the pictures and so the photos were called off along with the rest..Dangg..!! was i that gullible and senile..
Anyway this photo means the world to me as it took me back down memory lane ..
Oh wel l. .behind of whats goin on in the picture is the time when i was 14 years old participatin for our regional dance competition that took place at Dewan Sivik MBPJ, Petaling Jaya..
Unfortunately we didnt leave the place with victory but all of us had a freakin awesome time together.. Especially me and my best girl Mas Izzati..
To be exact during the whole prancin and choreography went on me and Mazz had our special and personal bonding time..
Dont be thinkin sumethin else pulak ! We became sisters or brothers ..
Nevertheless it was off the hook .. Yeah we did went through hiccups here and there but let bygones be bygones kan? Mas if u are readin this u know what im talkin about..

Boy..was i enjoyin myself being the attention of the crowd ..
The rush of being on stage .. Not to mention the adrenaline was on the go nonstop pumpin through my blood stream .. One of the fabulous moments that ever happened
to me

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