Friday, June 11, 2010

$Lagenda Budak Setan$

I finally got the time to be entertained by the uncomparable and mind-blowin power of the cinema
I've never been to the cinema for as long as i can remember and boy was i really missin it..
Not to be rhetorical somehow but i felt like i've dumped the whole tween stuffs over books,in conjunction of
the crucial and the biggest exam of the year..SPM!
I gotta say im not likin the whole idea but either i like it or not i still have to do it as it is a milestone
to my future and decides whether i'll have a bright future or the gloomy and vague one..

wait to end this torment for good..
Anyway as soon as me and my dad arrived at the cinema

we chose to watched Lagenda Budak Setan..
It was actually a novel by a malaysian novelist named ahadiat akashah but was made into a movie..
What really caught my attention is the fact of the title and the main casts such as Farid Kamil,Lisa Surihani,Nur Fazura(a.k.a my future gf) and Que Haidar..
I mean these are all damn superb actors and actresses especially Fazura..
So we lined up ouselves to pur
chase the tickets and time to watch the film came..
At first i didnt get my hopes high fear that i might be crushed with the entire plot..
Not being discriminative or anythin for that matter but to be truthful ocasionally Malay films are sucky..Danggg..!!was i wrong to indulge into a perspective so quick..
The movie should be nominated for Oscars or the Golden Globe if there's a possibility to do so..
I cried towards the end of the film but at the first place i tried everythin in my power to not do so..
try to be steady and control macho la and it failed..oh well my failed attempt..Lagenda Budak Setan was a heartbreakin,miraculously soul stirring Malay movie..It reminded me of someone who i used to crush on but she's a history in my previous gullible life...6 stars for LBS!

P.S she's currently my newest starstruck

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