Tuesday, June 22, 2010

*Rendezvous Is Gettin The Best Of Me*

I hate the feelin of losing to others especially to those dimbwit jerks in my class
My BM result was a complete utter destruction and an embarrassment to me
Not that im being rhetoric as always but its the fact..
I feel like stranglin myself or
hang myself by the neck because i was kinda furious with the results that i got..
This upcomin trial SPM examination wont let me down or get in the way of my triumph

A lot is ridin on this and i'll definitely see to it that obtainin a tremendous grades is a reality
My grades cannot go down the drain or thats the end of my life...
The outcomes hit me like a firetruck

U can do it Cal..Never let ur emotions get the best of ya and thrive on concentration
P.S Failure is the ingredient for success

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