Wednesday, June 16, 2010

#Reckon There Will Be Any..#

So today i had my first G.D.O with my old elementary schoolmates..
We headed to Sunway Pyramid and pretty much rocked the place up..
For those of you who probably dont know us, literally zany and whacko are our middle names
We arent the type of clique that held back watever that come across to our ingenius minds
So the rest of us had a blast of hangin out together since it has been ages i've seen them..
I did enjoy myself being with the rest of them but somehow i reckon there will be no second G.D.O with them la..I guess probably during the whole entourage i felt there was no an instant connection
between them and me..Somewhere in the conversation i felt lost and bored..U might perceive me as a softie but there were some sentences and actions that bugged till at this hour..C'm on haiccal
lets be sensible rather than emotional..Throughout all of those psychological suffering things
turned out pretty well..It was nice spendin some time with them..Nice indeed..!

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