Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Personal Swan Song

Let me start off this post by congratulating my very own self for.....wait for it...for passing my finals!
Yes! Can y'all believe it i actually passed and wont have to repeat any of my 3rd semester's subjects!
I have to say my 3rd semester was indeed the best memory i had of my time being at campus,now as y'all know i dont really have a good track record when it comes to PSIS but the last semester that i had to endured was the icing on the cake personally for me..
My CGPA was a whole lot better than my second semester but slightly below than where i first ranked at..
I guess i just gotta keep doin what ive been doing throughout the second semester cuz it seemed to be working..

I am uber ecstatic to get a B- for one of my first ever repeated subject which was trengkas,as compared to what i got for my second semester,it trumps what i got for trengkas the semester before..
Enough bout that,now lets get to the more paramount matters as such i'll be starting my internship first thing Monday mornin!!
I nerve-wrecking,the jittery seems to be gradually kickin in but im partially stoked and nervous bout it..
Well,wish me luck and pray that i excel my internship ok dolls :)
Till we meet again..

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