Tuesday, July 20, 2010

~ Mas Izzati Binti Meor Roslan ~

You know how they say friends are like the stars?
There not there ALL the time, but you know they are there.

Mas Izzati Binti Meor Roslan or better known as Mas amongst friends is a friend full of loyalty
and courage.These are the two traits that you would notice the second you get to know her.I still are able to recall the day we first met.We are two completely different human being who turned out to be besties.Suprised-suprised huh?As you all know ,urs truly is completely the opposite to bunch of common guys out there.Not that im exaggeratin still eccentric would be the ideal word to describe me.But Mas accept me as one of her buddies and that makes me wonder at first..
I reckon she has her own ulterior motives but it was just my crappy,common and insipid imagination.
I guess i never fully grasp the concept of true friend.

I am blessed to have Mas as one of my friend who stays true to our friendship
Although we've had our differences and ocassional bickering, we realize that we need each
other more and our noble friendship is on top of our list.
Now that we don't go to the same school any longer we still haven't lost touch..
I do believe an honest friendship can never be broken and will never meet its end

P.S Mas you are one of a kind friend and diamond in the rough at a certain times
I will cherish our friendship for eternity<3

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