Saturday, July 31, 2010

$Acting Saved My Life Workshop$

I really had the most fabulous yet gruelling time at Acting Saved My Life Workshop
I learned so many new things that i actually had no idea of what were those stuffs about before
And now i knew a thing or two on acting values and indirectly i have the power to apply it
not just on my actin career but as well as in my daily basis
Ashraf Sinclair was the speaker of the day and dangg he's really good at puttin those lines together
and attract people..
We did all sorts of activities such as repetition,sub-text,the tools of an actor,the big why?etc..
The workshop started at 10 am and ended at 5..
I had my luch hour in the VIP lounge..
How classy was that..
Sazzy and Aishah were two of the most warmth full people i've ever met in my entire life
The facilitators were ok cuz some of the facis they were shy or probably they are more reserved
i think..?
BTW i met that guy who once played a role in KAMI alongside liyana jasmay,his name is Zahiril Adzim but they called him Bob which i have no idea of the corrolation with his real name
As far as i can tell he's a brilliant actor..

What i love meetin all of these people is that they are very considerate for makin an opportunity
like this for someone like me who absolutely has no contact with any filmmakers or producers and to
share their experiences with the rest of world is just amazing..
Here are some photos i took at the end of the workshop

Kak Sazzy!!Aren't we very much alike..(Perasan!)

One of the most talented actor in Malaysia..

This guy is from Goda on 8tv..His appearance was quite different
than what i saw on Goda

Aduh gue bersama Reza dari Cinta&Anugerah!!

She's lookin kinda chunky since she's a pregger
I met Bunga at the last minute..After all of the participants had gone
ashraf was back with Bunga and im not the kind a person who lets this type of chances slip through my finger

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