Tuesday, August 10, 2010

*My Anecdote By The Window*

Its been awhile since my last post aint that rite ya'll?
I apologize for my fashionably late posts up lately..
Been so preoccupied with school assignments and stuff

So as you all know Ramadhan is finally here and along with its arrival prosperity and auspiciousness spread through the vibe followed by an aesthetic serenity..

Ramadhan is only here once a year so appreciate and cherish every moment of it and live ur life to the fullest during fasting month
Trial and the actual SPM is also gettin closer and nearer as my jiterry kicks in when it dawned
to me.
My teachers keep on sayin SPM is 3 months away so dont waste your time goofing around.
Im not really sure whether i'll be able to defy the gravity and rise to the ocassion for once if u know what mean..
Hope everything goes smooth sailing without any turbulence

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