Sunday, July 11, 2010

[The Twilight Saga:Eclipse]

I went to watched Eclipse with my father(he's now been appointed as my chaperoned,i guess)
at Jusco,Bukit Tinggi,Klang and i found the entire story line is by far the bestest compared
to the previous chapters of the twilight saga movie.Less typical romance , more action filled
But it was heartbreakin to know that Bella is marrying Edward and Jacob was filled with heartaches and rage knowin that Edward trumps him.So hands down to Eclipse
I wonder what's installed for the final chapter of the Twilight Saga..Hurmph..

The Cullens..I wish i was apart of this blood suckin family

The intimate,sexy and sultry kissin scene in Edward's bed .Why weren't they this serious during the MTV Movie Awards

The intense,escalatin dispute between these two girls magnet I'll go for Team Jacob..
How i have a tremendous desire to be just like him Physically lah..A man can dream, can he

The sweetest and the lovable couple on Eclipse
The culprit's right hand man. He poses a challenge to Rob Patt
Sam Uley seems to have more fats than packs..He seriously needs to be in shape for the final chapter.
This Victoria looks a lot terrifying than
this new red-haired Victoria

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