Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sold My Soul To The Angel

Im smizin here y'all...
Greetings lovelies..
So i have a good news in stored for ya fab readers...
Im heading to college dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all i have Allah to thank for,somehow he'd listened to my long,weepy prayers
and im extremely appreciative of what he had blessed me with and am beyond speechless..
My mom gave me a call around 10 and she said that i got accepted at PTPL College in Shah Alam...
I didnt expect that out of her...
Completely caught off guard cuz it was so surreal like i've been literally takin rejections in the face(merely a rhetoric statement)
So when my mother called me up and tell me i have been accepted at PTPL College,i was in a mixed  feelings..
I didnt buy it at first cuz i was afraid it'd be just a dream and the next thing i know i literally wake up on the floor but this was nothin like that at all and the enthusiasm and joy completely overwhelmed me after..
I finally grasped of what was really happening and i guess im a college dude now..

But the sad part is im gonna have to leave Jakarta for good and it really is heartbreakin cuz Jakarta is like ingrained in me,i've been stayin here for the past 4 months,gettin out and in was somethin im used to and now im gettin out for good..
Its not like im not gonna see the city again,i'll be comin back around August..
Since my sister's still here and wont be back till Feb's next year which means there's still a chance for me to 'indulge' this city..

I promised myself that i'll try my hardest to be the best among the best and graduate with honors...
That has become my 2011 resolution and will remain the same the in the followin year..
I wish y'all pray for the best for me and wish me well in everythin that i do and likewise to all of ya..
Much love and hugs<3

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