Sunday, May 8, 2011

Not Another Word From You!

Its Mother's Day yesterday and i am faraway from home and parents to wish my 
momma on mother's day but not to worry i already wished her via Facebook i mean
thats what facebook is for isnt it?

the existence is to tend to our inconvenience and also to make our life a hundred times easier...

Let me tell y'all a little somethin about my mother PN HABSAH 
She happens to possesses magics on her hands while makin and preparin food for us..

she's an uber excellent counselor whom listen to your complaints and hassles all day long if asks and she's ultimately a mother that every boys and girls would ever dream of and dying to have...

So i do consider myself not out of luck for havin her in my life,aside from all those past squabbles and debates,she is a fab mother<3

So im curious to find out if y'all have a friend who you've been really kind to and lets just say she didnt get as much of good grades in her SPM compared to what ya get in urs,

and one day ya gave her a call and inquired whether or not she made it the cut to further her studies into a university/college level and all of a sudden her answer was really an unexpected one and was really gettin on your last nerve?

How would ya react to that?

Cuz that happened to me last night whilst i was dialing her number in an abundant of curiosity and joy when little did i know i was goin to get myself irked and offended by a person that i expected the least to be sayin such thing...

I just have to let this off my chest cuz if i hadn't the annoyance and mad level would rise up and stacked up in piles till i blow in this particular person's face up and she might not know what hit her ,

so god forbids that takes place...
But come to think of it i so dont care what will happen to her!
I've had enough of friends mistreating me and didnt fully fathom the way Haiccal rolls and who really couldnt see me beyond this assertive,loud and blunt established imagery...

Pretty much i wish her all the success there is in the world but if she has a rough patch in beginning her journey at her new study place dont count on me to be her confidant cuz i am so booked on that soon-to-come particular day..

Plus she deserves whatever's hittin her
Karma's a bitch isnt it dolls ;) 

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