Friday, February 24, 2012

Hell Keep Your Flame Off Me

So its Saturday which means only a day to go before its back to that hell and vain place in sabak bernam..
Honest to god ,enthrallment is the farthest in my mind right now and i just wish i can stay in the 'holiday mood' a little bit longer cuz it aint enough..
These past couple of days i've been stayin up till 3 or 4 in the morn just to get some of the work assigned to me over with but it all seems so endless but it doesnt mean that all my efforts has been a waste, i managed to tackled and completed 2 assignments and they are finished! 

Partially finished cuz its supposed to be print out but since there's no printer machine around i might just wait for tomorrow and have it printed out..
 Shorthand and trengkas has  been a really no games matter, the strokes and shortforms are drivin my brain on fritz, i get stress out even thinkin bout it but fortunate for shorthand due to my fondness towards the english language,  i supposed i could give it a go and not wave the white flag just yet..
Trengkas on the other hand, sigh..that's all i can say at the moment, on top of the heavy and distraught emotions im personally havin with trengkas , the lecturer made it even more uninteresting and adds another level of stress..

 She comes with this shady negativity halo that streaks out inexplicably..
Basically she brings me down by just lookin at her and i have a strong theory that she probably has no expressions on her facial which i find it to be a lil bizarre and , who am i kiddin, i dont give a damn bout her facial expressions problem,she could wear a tutu for all i care..

I just dont want to have to repeat any programs and im worried sick just picturing myself in my 3rd semester and still in trengkas class facing that wicked witch from the east..
Hell to the no y'all..
Anyways its past midnight and i better hit the sack and literally cry myself to sleep annd frantically heart aching to have the thought of trengkas.

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