Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Its My Fourth Of July

Bonjour loves and praise to Allah for i get to see ur happy and cheerful faces once again (lets pretend we're actually able to see one another)LOLHow's life been treatin ya? Well mine has been a bliss in disguise for i have completed my second year at Sultan Idris Shah Polytechnic,and all im waitin is the results to my finals that had me worked my ass off for the past couple of weeks,if ya can say so..I was sick to my stomach thinkin bout these 2 infamous courses that was the reason of my hardwork,which was trengkas and shorthand..There were 4 courses involved for finals and they were Office Administration,Personality Development,Trengkas and lastly Shorthand..I really have no idea what to expect and imagine what the future results might be like..I just hope god forbids me from repeatin any of those courses..Amin..So my mission for these comin 2 weeks of hols (i'll be resumin my short sem anytime soon,thats why they gave us a 2 weeks holiday instead of 2 months) is to think and bask in everythin that doesnt have anythin to do with college and whatnotBut my mind somehow seems to be focusing on FA :P..FA is a person who's very much close to my heart and FA is,well let FA be this mysterious,an enigma character to y'all..All i know is ive been hold captive by FA and i like FA very much... ;)..Throughout my second semester ive gotten the opportunity to experienced numerous different things and to my astonishment i have had quite fondness towards those experiences, i really dont know where to begin,ive gotten to know how to act like an organizer, a formal emcee and the art of moderating etc..I've gained plenty in my second year and i couldnt be more grateful for havin these moments as a part of my anecdote..It was lovely to start with..I think thats pretty much enough for today..I promise y'all i'll write more after this..Write to y'all soonXOXO

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