Wednesday, February 22, 2012

-Random Entry-

An ideal salutation i bid to y'all my followers and readers who have been fealty to me for the last 2 years or so..
I am very sorry for takin a long period of hiatus from blogging, Its not that i have lost my interest or passion in writing out all of the events in my life its just that i am simply tied up with assignments,reflective journals and presentations that is marchin full speed ahead and while im at it i have just been appointed as an assistant to a program manager for a 'Cultural Night' that will be held around mid March..
Now can ya grasp how extremely insane my college life has been goin?
I thought so..Im stilll learnin the art of balancing out work and pleasure,well the percentage of work upstages the percentage of pleasure so ya do the math..
 As im gettin in my second semester i've met quite an abundant fascinating people slash seniors..
They are just so rad and cool and ultra chivalry..
On top of all i even got myself a pet brother whom i truly fond of and love...
His name is..let it be discreet ye?
I'll just name him "Abang R'..I call him abang je to make it sounds more friendlier and  closer and he was the one who insisted me to address him as 'abang' so ikut jela..Ngeeee...
He's just soak of awesomeness and like the big brother i've never had..
He's definitely one in every supernova and there's nobody like him..
 Before i continue my rambling allow me to clear up on the fact of  this particular post title..
Frankly i have no idea what to put or what to name this entry as so let's just leave it as a "Random Entry'
Back to where we had left off just now, basically these next 2 comin semesters, the manner of smilin will be carved on my facial expression for havin him in my life..
I adore ya tremendously abang..Ngee..
I'll be back with more stories to tell but that's all for now and worry not y'all cuz i pledge to never abandon this lovable page of mine
Till we meet again......!!!

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