Monday, December 5, 2011

Pretty Little Lonely Boy

Peace upon you and Yello everbody!!
Its me again urs truly back on blogging as usual since the chance has presented itself i seized it without hesitation 
let me break it down to y'all im right now in Jakarta for the final time cuz my sister who have been workin for the Malaysian Embassy is meeting the end of her service lifespan and she'll back for good..
So she needs help with the packing and everythin else and coordination and stuffs...

So let's catch up and pick up where we left off for the past 2 months or so..
So finals was a pain in the behind,especially microeconomics which i hope i dont flunk cuz i have no whatsoever intention of repeating the course next semester...
My mom signed me up for a microeconomics tuition just so im able to pass the paper and i dont want to let all of  my sweats and efforts be in vain and be a letdown to her
So i just hope everythin will turn out fine once i return to campus..

My routines while im here are,catchin up on episodes of my fav shows like GG,Glee,Desperate Housewives and so on..
Yeah really lifeless i tell ya..
I think that's all i can say at the moment,nothin interesting or worthy to be blogged bout but i'll keep y'all posted..
Till we meet again..Au Revoir!!

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