Sunday, December 11, 2011

We Are Young

So today my sister and i went to Plaza Indonesia and saw Happy Feet 2 at one of indonesia's most renowned cineplexes and its named IIX cinema..
The place puts our own so pride Pavillion to shame cuz of its fantabulous building structure and exquisite details...
Furthermore there is a legitimate reason behind this outing,its due to an exciting news which sorta commendable done by moi..
i bet y'all are eager to know what the news would be bout?
well i already discovered my results for my semester 1 and for the first time in my life it turned out great and better than i expected it to be,i got 3.20 after overall calculation and assessment throughout the entire term...
im off to a great beginning by semester 2 and this is definitely worth lookin forward for

i dont mean to sound over confident but now i see what i can endeavour if i put my mind to it and along with my fullest concentration,success is the outcome of it...
i called up my mom and she was astonished as i was..
from the tone of her voice i can sense that the feelin of proud and overjoy overwhelmed her...
now nothin will ever stand in my way to victory and success
that is all my hearts

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