Thursday, November 10, 2011

World's Miracle Love

( loved it when their noses meet )

Have ya guys watch the very sultry,intimate and lovin scene between Kurt and Blaine on glee's "First Time' episode??
Just saw the entire episode and couldnt help myself feeling all blues and happy for them..
They have finally consummated their love for one another..
It brought tears to my eyes and i was locked to the moment they lied in Blaine's bed and started caress and snuggled up to each other...
They were nonchalantly facin each other's bodies and profoundly smiled..
It was really romantic and sweet!
I sure hope they stay true to themselves and keep on being all affectionate cuz they are so meant to be together! hypothetically speakin of course...
I am blown away by Darren's comfortableness to be that profound doin those intimate scene together with Chris whom is proud to be a brilliant homosexual man when Darren is not one of him..
Applause goes to both actors and i was never wrong to be thoroughly impressed and inspired by these spunky talents..
They have truly earned my respect!!

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