Saturday, October 15, 2011

Who Has Been Knocking On My Heart?

Aloha people!!
Its me ur awfully hip and cutest blogger writin here!!Let me just express my yearn and tremendous longing to be back on this site,writting stuff and gossiping stuff..
The feeling is startin to overwhelms me one more time
i've been itchin to blog since the past 3 months or so but as always life doesnt come without obstructions and hassles,so for all my readers who had been fealty to this blog eversince it's been created i bid my apology for it was unintentional of me to do so..
Life's been goin on as usual at my campus,well since most of the days im stuck there...
There are some pretty awesome memories and pretty mundane memories altogether and not to mention my 'Ive hit rock bottom' memories as well..
I am currently known as Haiqal the triple threat as i had been involved in the cultural activities there and dont mean to brag but i kicked ass!!!
I realized that my talent is meant to be shared with the rest and to incur a realization to those who have been undermining and pickin on me because of my uniqueness that im just as special as they are..
Hold up..
They are all anythin but special..
Why am i sayin this?its because all they know ,are to discriminate and make fun of me..
and believe me i didnt enjoy a single moment of those effing deplorable harrasing session 
But i guess that's what makes who i am now,my distinctiveness is what keep me grounded and chipper..
I couldnt be bother with what others think or say bout me,for all i care they could talk shit bout me to their hearts content..
im owning this image and i aint goin back!!

Enough bout them let's talk bout somethin else for a change shall we?
My studies are pretty much puttin me under a tonnes of pressure,i only have 2 papers to worry about for finals but it feels like im takin more than 2 papers..
Urgh! i pin this on microeconomics 
its a cursed subject, the contents are utterly absurd and im on the verge of loosing the sanity of my own for this subject..
I tried to understand it and i did cramped up the whole calculation work into this skull of mine but i still couldnt  get a much better grade for its quizzes and tests..
Finals are comin up real soon and i somehow have to buckle up real hard if i want to get a much better grade
The other day i dabbled into an english poem writing competition and ranked at number 2..
That was almost unexpected since there's a really funny story behind that event
I worded my poem on a piece of paper the day before , and it took place in my dorm all by myself
and the night of the competition came and long story short im nervous as hell
I went up on stage,in position and my head went blank,i could not think of a single sentence to even verbalize
I took control and started to made up a bunch of a whole new lines in my head,of course i emote emotions while sayin them,i even pranced up and down on stage to make it as realistic as i could
At the end of the day i ranked at number 2,im thoroughly impressed with my ability to perform in public..
Well i never thought i had in me.. 
I think i have to go now cuz there are plenty of stuffs that need to be done

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