Thursday, July 7, 2011

Call Me The Mr Jagger!

(im just freakishly obsessed with Hardy Hartono and Fazura)

Holla bitches
its me again in this another new entry of mine..
So did i mention that i'll be relocating to a different study venue?

Yeah i just got an offer from Politeknik and heck knows what does that even mean
But since the course that was offered to me is a job guaranteed i decided to just take it up...
Ya know give it a try and face the all new challenge thats instored for me at this new place..
At the beginning of the decision makin i was quite perturbed about leavin PTPL...
I mean its been an ok 3 weeks of stay there and i got to know some of the new faces there but were never really hit it off with em just well acquainted with them all..  
And not that im not a wee bit skeptical bout moving to a different place,i was completely against it in the first place but after takin into some considerations and weighing i think its best for me to go for it
That said i gotta stay at the dorm accommodated for the next few months and i hope im as an adaptable as a snake..
I know its gonna take a while for me to get use to the surroundings and facilities but i'll go through it..
Even if i have to immolate myself and be a martyr for the sake of my well-secured future success 
Unabashedly i hope it wont be as draining as i imagine it would be..
My blackberry wont be out of my sight,it will cling to me like an anchor 24/7..
i pray for a long run of happiness at Politeknik Sultan Idris Shah Sabak Bernam...

Talk to y'all later...!!!

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